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MX Linux 18 eBook

Written for graphic and web designers

The MX Linux 18 eBook will help you with configuring your system fast.

About the MX Linux 18 eBook

We are currently working on the format and around Easter, the eBook will be released as a free PDF file. Here are some of the topics which will be covered in detail:

  • Installing MX Linux 18 on an SSD disk
  • Configuring Firefox for SSD disks
  • Configure a WACOM tablet in a dual screen setup
  • Configure MX Linux 18 for dual 4K monitors
  • File backup and enctyption

If you are interested in learnining more about the best Linux distro then visit the MX Linux homepage and download the .iso image now

MX Linux 18.2 configuration ebook cover

To reserve your free copy, leave a comment on the MX Linux 18.2 eBook blog post

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