Is KaOS the best Linux distro for web designers?

Is KaOS the best Linux distro for web designers?

This review is about KaOS which is perfect for web designers. Let me get right to the point. KaOS is a beauty and then some. It’s fast, robust and for us design enthusiasts, it just looks perfect in every way.

Linux is ideal for web designers

Webdesign has finally settled in on  creating or working on WordPress, Drupal or HTML5 driven website. The big CMSs don’t need any special tools except a decent internet connection and a handful of web browsers for testing. My favorite web browser is Firefox and it goes without saying that Firefox and Linux are a match made in heaven.

Working on HTML5-driven websites

OK, here it gets a little tricky. All of us have our favorite code editor. I can use what ever is on hand but prefer Atom or Kate which is the KDE default. The Visual Studio Code OSS edition is excellent as well. Between those code editors mentioned, you can do all of your HTML, CSS and JavaScript work. PyCharm runs perfectly on Linux and is my recommendation for those of you who work with Python.

What about graphic assets?

Let’s get the bad new out of the way before we look into the Linux tools of the trade. They say that Linux can run some previous versions of Photoshop but I have never bothered. Sure, font work is primitive compared to running Photoshop on a Mac but as the old saying goes, where there is a will …

The best graphics software for creating and tweaking images are:

  1. Krita
  2. GIMP
  3. Blender
  4. Youtube-dl
  5. SimpleScreenRecorder

Installing those on any Linux system is a snap. KaOS includes a handy tool called Octopi which acts as a search portal to look for software and also to install it. The command line options are easy to. Once you used it a few times, it becomes second nature.

My favorite part of KaOS is the Midna Dark theme

Who ever made this theme is a genius. I have nothing but good things to say about it. Midna Dark is much more than a theme. It gives KaOS that polished high-end feel that currently no other distro has. I am always impressed by individuals who focus on the big picture and not just a few patches here and there. Midna Dark is the best looking theme that I have ever used. Period.

Why KDE?

The competitor to KDE is Gnome. Recently, Gnome started to catch up with multi 4K display setups but Gnome is still not there. KDE on the other hand needs very little tweaking and in just minutes, I have a perfectly working system that arranges my monitors in the right order. KaOS was always able to detect and set up my Wacom Pro tablet out of the box. All I have to do is tell it which of the two monitors it should use. Again, KDE makes that a quick two mouse-click scenario.


Finding that perfect Linux distro is everyone’s goal including mine. So far, I lucked out with Manjaro KDE edition and perhaps in the not so distant future, I might shift to KaOS. In a few weeks, some of the important projects that I am working on are done and then I have a bit of time to experiment and test. If I see what I saw tonight, then there is a 90% chance that I hop on the KaOS bandwagon. It’s that good.
What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Is KaOS the best Linux distro for web designers?”

  1. Midna Dark is also my favorite theme. I didn’t really want to switch distro again so I just copied the files to the right places and I’m using it on Manjaro KDE.
    The whole theme is on a github repository (although one could wish they made it available to install using the system settings addon installer) with color schemes and everything

    • Actually, you can install it and here is how (I did it).
      First, I installed “pamac” right from within Octopy.
      Then in pamac, go to preferences and add the AUR.
      After that you can search for “Midna” and it will show you that git hub package you mentioned.
      Midna Dark rules! 🙂

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