Linux Thunderbird New Mail Notification

Linux Thunderbird New Mail Notification

Linux has become and amazing operating system and Thunderbird is the most-used email client. Thunderbird looks great and handles multiple gmail accounts perfectly. As most things in Linux, Thunderbird needs a bit of tweaking to get all the settings right. One of the things which are missing is mail notification. Without configuration, it’s hard to see when a new email arrives.

How to get email notification in Thunderbird

Thunderbird has a ton of configuration options which can be made visible via the menu. If you are new to Thunderbird, and need help finding the menu icon the do this.

Find the search field and right next to it is a little hamburger icon. Clicking on that icon will open up a pop-up window. That pop-up window has all the tools and links you need to configure all the important settings.

Here are the steps:
Hamburger icon > Preferences > Preferences > Final configuration window.

Linux thunderbird menu preferences

Clicking on Reverences a second time will open a new window and it is there that you can make adjustments to mail notifications.

Here is the Thunderbird configuration window which shows the General and first of nine options. Look towards the bottom of the image which shows that I specified a .wav file to play everything a new email arrives.  While I was writing this article, a new email arrived and the sound file played right away to alert me.

Setting the audio level for the sound file

Thunderbird is available on almost every Linux distribution. I happen to run Manjaro KDE. By default, the audio file is very quite. This could be just on my system but in case you can’t hear it, simply go to the System Settings > Multimedia > Audio Volume and then on the right windows, select the “Applications” (second) tab.

Now you should see the Notification Sound slider which might be set low. If it is, then move it up to 75% or something you prefer. After you apply the settings, you will hear the wave file you specified play as soon as someone sends you an email.

Where to find free wave files

The internet is nasty and the internet is generous. Finding free stuff is easy. Just use your search engine and use search terms like this “free wave files you got mail“. I found some great wave files and am sure that you will too. Keep in mind that anything is good to fix the initial problem of no notification. Once it works, you can always record your own or keep searching for that perfect sound.

Help Thunderbird is not playing the notification sound

To get notified of new emails you should leave Thunderbird running. Email sound notifications will work even when the Thunderbird software is minimized. Just don’t close it and you will be OK. I wish that there was a better solution but it works quite nice. I don’t always leave Thunderbird up and running. Sometimes I prefer to no be destructed when I model and render stuff with Blender or watch a movie.
The most important thing is that the steps I’ve provided here do work and as soon as you select a sound file, you will catch all of your email the moment you get it. Thanks for reading.

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