MX Linux 18.2 Configuration eBook

MX Linux 18.2 Configuration eBook

The MX Linux 18.2 Configuration eBook will help graphics and web designers with configuring the system as well as software. This eBook is for intermediate to advanced users and covers topics such as:

  • Configuring a WACOM tablet in an dual monitor environment
  • Sharing files on a local network
  • SFTP file transfer to remote web servers
  • How to encrypt sensitive files
MX Linux 18.2 configuration ebook free
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We are working on creating this free eBook right now and expect it to become available around Easter which is less than two weeks away.

Want to proof-read a chapter?

We’d love to get your input and look forward hearing from you. Please keep in mind that this eBook is mostly aimed at graphics and web designers.

Because of that, we assume that the reader will be installing MX Linux 18.2 on newer hardware as well as on multiple computers.

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