Timeshift Linux backup made easy

timeshift linux backup made easy

Timeshift is my latest discovery and makes backing up Linux easy. I imagine that most users are not aware of the importance that backups play. If you create valuable work, investing in one or more dedicated external hard drive(s) is a must. Linux has numerous options when it comes to backing up data. Rsync (command … Read moreTimeshift Linux backup made easy

Best Linux Software 2019

best linux software 2019

Articles about the best Linux software for 2019 are hard to find because most blog posts focus on the best Linux distributions. Don’t get me wrong, a Linux distribution is important but more important is the software that is included or can be downloaded. Target audience This blog article is for creative users who design … Read moreBest Linux Software 2019

Best web host best support best price 2019

Best web host best support best price 2019

Creating a web page is a lot of hard work and finding the right web host with the best support at the best price is even harder. Why is it harder? Because the adverts promise much much more than they deliver. Many web hosts offer great deals but once you look closer, the low price … Read moreBest web host best support best price 2019

Hack 102 The Danger Of PDF Files

Hack the danger of PDF files

Today’s “hack” focuses on the danger of PDF files which float around the internet. We’ll look specifically into how you can protect yourself from malicious content which might (or might not) be hidden. By hidden, I mean part of the .pdf package. How do I know if a PDF ebook contains a malicious JavaScript file … Read moreHack 102 The Danger Of PDF Files

Mackie CR4 Bluetooth Linux Configuration

Mackie CR4 bluetooth Linux configuration

Mackie CR4 monitors include a special feature which let you connect your devices such as an smartphone or computer via Bluetooth. This article describes how I configured a pair of Mackie CR4 studio monitors connected to my new Dell Inspiron 5680 desktop computer running Manjaro Linux How to configure Bluetooth under Manjaro Linux My new … Read moreMackie CR4 Bluetooth Linux Configuration

Installing an SSD drive on MSI GT60-0NG Laptop

Installing an SSD drive on MSI GT60-0NG Laptop

A few years ago, I purchased a powerful MSI GT60-0NG laptop because it featured a K2000m video cared which I needed for school. Although the laptop is about 5 years old, it is still able to power an external 4K monitor thanks to the powerful NVIDIA GFX chip. The biggest bottleneck on older laptops is … Read moreInstalling an SSD drive on MSI GT60-0NG Laptop