Mackie CR4 Bluetooth Linux Configuration

Mackie CR4 bluetooth Linux configuration

Mackie CR4 monitors include a special feature which let you connect your devices such as an smartphone or computer via Bluetooth. This article describes how I configured a pair of Mackie CR4 studio monitors connected to my new Dell Inspiron 5680 desktop computer running Manjaro Linux How to configure Bluetooth under Manjaro Linux My new … Read moreMackie CR4 Bluetooth Linux Configuration

Manjaro How to setup Wacom Pro tablet

Manjaro how to set up wacom pro tablet

Manjaro Linux is an amazing distro and this post will explain how to get a Wacom Pro tablet working with dual hidpi 4k monitors. To demonstrate this, I am using Manjaro Kde 18.0 rc-3. Upon booting, everything works except my Wacom Pro L tablet. Here is the problem (and further down is the solution) System … Read moreManjaro How to setup Wacom Pro tablet