Why we made HiTSim

Why we made HiTSim

More and more of us live much of our lives online. The internet is at the center of everything but the internet is changing. What could come next will be a very different internet which is why we made HiTSim.

Every time you use the internet, you leave a detailed track and countless traces of every place you visit. Look at the picture below which is a partial screenshot of me opening the very google.com homepage which millions of us do every day.

Things get much worse if you actually start visiting more pages. Who is asking for all of this information and even more important, who is getting all of this information? What are they doing with it? Is is just harmless info gathering to provided better advertising choices or is there more behind it?

The internet is very powerful. In 2016, the world has realized that even the election of an US president hinges on the deep dark web, a discussion that is still very much alive two years into the fiasco.

Tools that minimize your exposure

It all comes down to the kind of person you are. You ether care or you don’t, at least not yet anyway. Those of you who do care should begin to learn about tools that minimize your exposure. Have you ever heard of the Tor browser? Are you still on social sites posting happily when and where and for how long you will be on vacation. Which search engine do you use? One that saves every single one of your searches or duckduckgo.com which claims that it does not. What operating system do you use? One that has tons of bloat and is closed source so that no one knows what it is sending “home”. Have you ever heard of Linux? Do you know that you can now run it from a small USB stick which takes less than 10 minutes to make?

Want a way out?

Get to know the internet of tomorrow and enter HiTSim, a safe simulator that shields you while you learn and practice.HiTSim is designed to be a fantasy game that mimics the future today. HiTSim is a safe and fun journey which turns a sharp mind into a hacker in training.
Register now and become part of the 100 players who think and hack their way trough 32 progressive game levels with the free HiTSim app.

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